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Miss Merlynda & Her Cheeky Chatty Puppets!

Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre Puppet Shows!

Miss Merlynda & Her Dancing Marionettes!

“Thank You So Much for the Musical Evening - EVERYONE ENJOYED IT! - And said IT ADDED SOMETHING SPECIAL to the Party!”
- Baroness Golding - The House of Lords Party, London
“Merlynda is MAD, BAD and DAFT TO KNOW!” - “Now THAT’S What I Call Performance Poetry!”
- Havant Literary Festival Director – and - The South Downs Poetry Festival Director
“Last night’s Performance was FANTASTIC ! - WELL DONE ! - Your Ventriloquist CD was SUPER too!”
- S Godwin, Radio Station Director - Radio Lion, Surrey
“A VERY BIG THANK YOU! - I received MANY COMPLIMENTS from our guests – And I feel you really started off what was an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT day for us! Thank You for setting the tone.”
- The Rainbow-Miller Event - The Elvetham Stately Home and Country Estate, Hampshire
“A CD I’ve been listening to lately with GREAT DELIGHT! - Merlynda has a genuinely unusual dark-hued voice with something of the range and timbre of a vibrant Tenor Saxophone! She performs a cappella, with piano accompaniment, and with orchestrated backing tracks. I particularly enjoyed ‘Smokey Moon’ – and - ‘BitterSweet Boy’ includes a lovely arc-shaped sequential melody, a genuine modern jazz texture, and some authentic Skat singing. Another hit was ‘The Brussel Sprout Song’ - a Fun Cabaret item in the Flanders & Swann or Victoria Wood tradition. I’d like to Thank her for letting me hear these UNIQUE and ORIGINAL performances.”
- J Conway, Founder & Editor: British Association of Tonal Composers, London
“Merlynda WOWED the audience with her Comedy Poems & Fairy-Tales! - And EVERYONE ENJOYED a VERY ENTERTAINING afternoon SWEPT AWAY with Merlynda’s ENTHUSIASM and high drama which brought her BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED STORIES TO LIFE!”
- Events Coordinator - East Hill House, Hampshire
– I Sene, WordBox, Sussex
“Undoubtedly Fine Pieces!”
- BBC Radio 4
“Really Enjoyed Listening!”
- Classic FM
“I had a lot of Comments from everyone on how much they Enjoyed the Entertainment - How professional you were – And what a lot of effort you had gone to - to make the Event the Success it was!”
– Events Coordinator - Haslemere Hospital, Surrey
“I could have listened to your Verses ALL DAY!”
- L Trimby
“Congratulations on your Highly-Commended Songwriter Award! It was Very Well Deserved!”
- Spirit FM
“Out of the many titles on that particular compilation CD, YOURS did stand out! - It SOUNDED GREAT!”
- D Paramor - Manager of EMI Music - United Artists - Dick James Music Ltd
“You have an unusual voice - FANTASTIC! You are so UNIQUE.”
- D Taylor
“An UNUSUALLY Large and Low Vocal Range!”
- The New York STA, New York, USA
“I want to Congratulate Merlynda! - I REALLY ENJOYED her voice - And I hope she becomes FAMOUS!"
- D Unstan
“This Delightful Irrepressible Lady Had Us In Tucks!”
- T Newton