Miss Merlynda & Her Cheeky Chatty Puppets!
Unique Comedy Singing Ventriloquist
Unique Fun Dancing Marionettes Puppeteer 
Walkabout Ventriloquist - Public Events
Mix & Mingle Ventriloquist - Adult Events
Fun Learn Puppetry Workshops - Every Week!
- Learn How To Do Ventriloquism Workshops!
- Learn How To Do Puppetry Workshops!
- Fun Simple Puppet-Making Workshops!
Hilarious Talks: A History of Ventriloquism!

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'Miss Merlynda & Her Cheeky Chatty Puppets!'

- Unique Fun Live Singing-Ventriloquist

- Unique Fun Live Dancing Marionettes

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Please Call 'Miss Merlynda' on: 01237 431166

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Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre - Puppet School

Half-Day Sessions - and - Full-Day Workshops

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Mondays - to - Sundays - Every Week 

Half-Day Sessions:  Mornings - or - Afternoons

Full-Day Workshops: (Includes 1 hour Lunch-break)

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At 'Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre - Puppet Shows'

Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre - Fun Puppet Shows - Throughout The Year

Pay What You Will Performances

Seats (Suggested Donations): £6.00 per Adult - £2.50 per Child

Seats Are Payable On Arrival - Payment Method: Cash Only

Free Car Parking Nearby

Please Call 'Miss Merlynda' on:  01237 431166

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