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- Hilarious Unique Singing-Ventriloquist & Musical Puppeteer - Puppery Workshops Leader - Public Speaker - 


- Fun Learn Puppetry - Make Puppets - Learn Ventriloquism Workshops - Plus - Fun History of Ventriloquism Talks

At All Public & Private Events - For Groups - Societies - Schools!

 My name is Merlynda Robinson and I'm a professional Ventriloquist and Puppeteer - aka: 'MISS MERLYNDA & HER CHEEKY CHATTY PUPPETS!' - and - a Traditional Punch & Judy Puppet Shows Professor - aka: 'MISS MERLYNDA PUPPET THEATRE' - and - a multi Award-Winning Children's Poet/Songwriter - aka: 'MISS MERLYNDA JELLY-JAWS'.

With over 40 year's experience, I perform enchanting, delightful, mesmerizing, cutely comical and hilariously crazy Unique Singing Ventriloquist Acts - and - Dancing Puppets Acts - At All Venues - and - At All Public & Private Events!

At Outdoor Family Events, I perform as a hilariously funny, utterly crackers and delightfully enchanting 'Walkabout Singing-Ventriloquist and Dancing Puppets Puppeteer' - dressed in Themed Costume - and - at Indoor Family or Adults Only Events - I perform as a 'Mix and Mingle Singing and Speaking Ventriloquist-Puppeteer' up-close at Receptions - moving between Dining Tables and at Cocktail Receptions - The Perfect 'ice-breaker'!

My unique, hilariously spontaneous - and - mesmerizingly hypnotic: 'MISS MERLYNDA & HER CHEEKY CHATTY PUPPETS!' Walkabout Ventriloquist and Puppeteer Entertainment For Children and Family Audiences of All Ages - includes Selections of my Award-winning, Funny and Exciting Fairy Tale Poems, Daft Jokes, Comical Nonsense Poems and Super Silly Singalong Songs - (with lots of audience participation of course!) - performed by my Cast of Cute, Magical, Enchanting and Delightful Cheeky Chatty Vintage Ventriloquist Dolls, Dummies and Puppets!

As: 'MISS MERLYNDA PUPPET THEATRE' - at various times throughout the year - I perform raucous, rumbustious and utterly crackers Traditional Punch & Judy Shows in my colourful Vintage Punch & Judy Puppet Booth (Fit-Up) - which are Suitable for All Ages - or alternatively - a gentler Ventriloquist-Puppetry version of this age-old favourite Puppet Show for very little ones!  And I also perform my own Unique Hilarious FairyTale and Panto-Themed Ventriloquist-Puppetry Shows again in my gorgeous Puppet Booth which are also Suitable for All Ages!

In Addition: I conduct my Original and Unique Hilarious Learn Ventriloquism! - Learn Puppetry! - and - Make Puppets! - Workshops - Suitable For Individuals and Groups - For Ages: Over 14 years and Adults.

AND:  I give Entertaining Talks on 'The History & Techniques of Ventriloquism and Puppetry' - comprising Live and Hilarious Demonstrations - with lots of audience participation! - rather than as a mundane routine 'presentation' or 'lecture'. Talks can be tailored to suit various age ranges - and - to suit a variety of time slots.

My Hilarious Talks and Demonstrations are Suitable for All Ages - And Are Perfect for Festivals & Groups.

Please visit my additional website for further information including:

reviews - photos - sample videos - publications - awards - biography - and more!


I am based in Devon - and cover Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. I drive and have my own transport. I am a Full Member of EQUITY and am represented by Equity in the following professional categories: Children's Entertainers - Variety Entertainers - Street Entertainers - Puppeteers.

My professional membership of Equity includes £10 million PLI.

Please call me if my Entertainments are of interest - and/or - should you have any questions regarding Fees and Arrangements - and/or - wish to discuss booking me on: 01237 431166.

Thank you very much indeed for your time and consideration - and I look forward to hearing from you!

With Kindest Regards From All My Cheeky Chatty Puppets and Me!

- And I Wrote All That Without Moving My Lips!

Merlynda Robinson (LLAM and ALAM) - Ventriloquist and Puppeteer

Tel: 01237 431166

My Websites:

Miss Merlynda Puppet Theatre - www.Merlynda-Romantic-Poet.com

Miss Merlynda & Her Cheeky Chatty Puppets! - www.Ventriloquist-Merlynda.com

For My Cartoons/Artworks/Art Workshops - www.KittyPigfishCartoons.com

For My Poetry & Children's Publications - www.DevonBookSociety.com

Multi Award-Winning Children's Poet-Writer-Story-Teller-Singer-Songwriter (Pen-Name: 'Merlynda Jelly-Jaws')

Founder & Trainer: The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain